Blythe inspired by gift of sponge in jail

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has told how a track on upcoming album VII: Sturm Und Drang was inspired by the gift of a scrubbing sponge while he was in jail – because it made a huge difference to his life behind bars.

He’s previously told how some of the record’s lyrical content came from his time in prison in the Czech Republic before being acquitted of the manslaughter of fan Daniel Nosek in 2010. The song Still Echoes, launched last month, was written about a Nazi guillotine in the complex where he was held.

Now Blythe tells Decibel: “The other song that deals directly is called 512. I was in three different cells while I was in prison, and the second one was number 512.

“I started writing it as an essay on the nature of time and entitlement in modern society. Because time seems to move differently in prison—it really does. It’s fucking strange.”

But the concept changed to an exploration of entitlement. “One day my cellmate did some mopping for the guards, so they gave him a scrubbie, like a sponge that you’d get for 99c at the grocery store,” he recalls.

“It was like he’d brought back a stereo system or something. It was so nice to have something to clean things with, because it was fucking filthy in there. This little sponge was so wonderful and we were so grateful to have it.

“But so many people think they have the right to this or the right to that. People think they have the right to be happy – bullshit.”

He adds: “If you want to know about your rights, go get locked up in a prison in Eastern Europe for a while. You have a right to use the toilet, and that’s about it.”

Sturm Und Drang – translated as “Storm And Stress” – is released on July 24 via Nuclear Blast. Lamb Of God play the Download festival at Donington on June 14 as part of a European tour:

Jun 06: Forta Rock, Netherlands

Jun 07: Rock Am Ring, Germany

Jun 09: Beastfest, Germany

Jun 11: Greenfield, Switzerland

Jun 12: Nova Rock, Austria

Jun 14: Download, UK

Jun 19: Hellfest, France

Jun 21: Graspop, Belgium

Jun 22: Zeche, Germany

Jun 25: Bravalla, Sweden

Jun 26: Tuska, Finland

Jun 28: Den Atelier, Luxembourg

Jun 29: Concerttent Zaal & Cafe de Zwerver, Belgium

Jul 03: Roskilde, Denmark

Jul 05: With Full Force, Germany

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