Kiss ready to rock Las Vegas this winter


Veteran rockers Kiss are heading to the bright lights of Las Vegas this winter for a nine-night residency at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Each performance will see 3200 people pack into the famous venue, and Kiss vocalist/guitarist Paul Stanley is looking forward to the shows, which will run between November 5-23.

Stanley says: “If Kiss is on steroids, this is a double dose. Usually, going into a smaller venue means eliminating things. The great thing about going into The Joint is that it gives us the opportunity to add.

“Much in the same way as a Broadway show, when you have a permanent installation, you’re not breaking down every night to travel, so we can do things we wouldn’t normally do.”

The stage show for the Las Vegas gigs will include parts of the spider stage which the band are currently using on their North American tour with Def Leppard, although Stanley says: “It’s not going to be that show. Here, we are in the enviable position of being able to do a Kiss show that we haven’t been able to do — we’ll pack 10 pounds of gunpowder into a 5-pound bag.”

Speaking about the forthcoming gigs, Kiss mainman Gene Simmons says: “What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas — not if we have anything to do with it. We intend to blow the roof off the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.”