Kiss collaborator Cochrane suffers stroke


Kiss and Joe Lynn Turner collaborator Karl Cochran is recovering from a severs stroke, it's been confirmed.

The songwriter and guitarist collapsed on Thursday and fell into a coma. And although he’s now regained consciousness, it’s not yet known how serious his condition remains.

Cochran co-wrote material for Kiss’ 1998 album Psycho Circus and played in Ace Frehley and Eric Singer’s solo bands. He’s been working with former Rainbow singer Turner since the mid-90s and he’s also known for his work with Rated X, Voodooland and Far Cry.

Paul Stanley last night thanked fans for their positive thoughts, reporting: “Your prayers worked! Karl woke from his coma and spoke and was moving and aware.”

It’s thought the stroke was triggered by a recent impact injury which Cochran may not even have known about.

An update on his Facebook page reports: “Karl has regained consciousness. He has been taken off the ventilator, and is breathing on his own. The left side of his body is completely normal, and he has full use of his left arm and leg.

“He has some sensation and movement on the right side. He is slightly moving his right leg, and squeezed someone’s hand with his right hand when asked. This is huge, as it means the brain still has some control over that side of his body.

“He responds to verbal commands, and said his name and ‘okay’ at one point. The ability to speak, even if just slightly, is very important, as it indicates the language centre of the brain, although damaged, partially survived.”