In Flames can’t pick best material


In Flames won’t be able to define their best work until their career is over, says bassist Peter Iwers.

And he says they’re happy with everything they’ve done to date, making it impossible to pick a highlight.

Iwers tells Soundcrave: “I think when our whole career is over and you lay out all the albums in front of you, it might be easier to choose a favourite.

“The latest stuff is always the freshest and the stuff that you believe in the most. But I’m very proud of the old albums too.”

And frontman Anders Friden has spoken up for the band’s approach to songwriting, after In Flames rejected criticism over their change of direction in 11th album Siren Charms.

He tells iRockRadio: “Each of our albums don’t sound the same because we don’t want to do the same again and again. But melodies are so important, and that’s what you will always find on an In Flames album.

“If I could give one tip to new bands, it would be: just do your own thing – don’t try to catch any trends.”

In Flames are on tour across Europe and will play this month’s Download festival. They’re expected to release their first live package since 2005’s Used And Abused… In Live We Trust later this year.