Watch this husky scream along to Linkin Park's Given Up because... just because

TikTok husky and musician
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Name us a better duo than dogs and metal, we'll wait. Granted, some of you may argue that cats make a better companion to heavy music, especially when it comes to creating top quality content for The Internet, but whatever, one thing we surely can all agree on, is that videos of pets rocking out to our favourite tunes are what the world wide web was made.

Whether it's felines dancing to Iron Maiden, or sausage dogs duetting to Metallica, we've stumbled across countless pieces of top tier content, and you can this recent video of a husky screaming along to 2007 rager Given Up by nu metal heroes Linkin Park to that list.

Alright, he's not exactly screaming along to the tune per se, but actually just screaming generally; which is something we hear that husky dogs enjoy doing a lot (they're very loud, apparently).

Following the upload of the screaming pup, metalheads are now playing along to the video (owned by doggie account Nico, Jackson and Zoey) by riffing out the guitar part from Given Up's breakdown - the part where late frontman Chester Bennington unleashes a pants-blackening scream.

The end result is very silly, but quite uncanny, considering the dog's scream sounds quite similar to the pitch of Bennington's. All in all, a great video. Much fun. Good doggo.

Check it out below:


♬ original sound - wnbe

♬ original sound - Harry André Hansen

Earlier this year, Linkin Park bassist Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell announced that he believes the band will make "new music" in the future.

While conversation with Z93, he said: "The best answer I can give is I think that we will do something again at some point. I think we'll do, hopefully, new music. And I would love to play some shows.

"The reality of it is that the timetable, I have no idea what that is or what that looks like. And we're not trying or haven't made any progress toward doing it.

"The relationship in the band is still intact between all the guys and we're still in communication, but everybody is always in different kind of spaces. And the amount of earth that needs to be moved to begin the construction project of Linkin Park and whatever that may look like is a ton, and it's not going anywhere fast.

"And so it's just kind of a 'wait and see.' I know that's not the answer that anybody wants. But at the same time, I think it's just kind of honestly where it's at."

Linkin Park have been on hiatus since the death of Chester Bennington in 2017.

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