Here’s what happens when Taking Back Sunday tie in with an EDM star

Steve Aoki and Adam Lazzara
(Image credit: Desiree Navarro and Jeff Hahne / Getty Images)

What happens when Taking Back Sunday tie in with an EDM star? If that EDM star is Grammy winner Steve Aoki, the result is the track Just Us Two.

They worked together “old school” in a studio one afternoon earlier this year, writing the track from scratch. The result, they say, contains “a a cinematic element that gives the song a dynamic cross-genre appeal.”

“I met up with Taking Back Sunday in Charlotte, North Carolina and we recorded the song live in a physical recording studio, honing in on the group’s powerful instrumentation,” Aoki reported.

“I come from a punk background and it’s always so good to work with artists that share the same passion for live music. This record encapsulates both of our roots while maintaining the Aoki elements that bound the track together.”

Taking Back Sunday vocalist Adam Lazzara said it had been a “very surreal” moment when Aoki approached the band. “Steve comes from a very similar background as we do – house shows, DIY labels, the whole thing,” he explained.

“We were listening back to different ideas he had, and one guitar part in particular caught our drummer Mark’s ear. We approached it in the same way we do our own songs, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Turns out our worlds aren’t as far apart as people might think.”

Taking Back Sunday are currently gearing up for an American tour with Third Eye Blind, before continuing work on what will be their eighth studio album. Lazzara was recently heard on the hit single Loved You A Little, released by The Maine in January, which also featured Charlotte Sands.

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