Henry Rollins slams North Carolina Governor over HB2 law

Henry Rollins
(Image credit: Getty)

Henry Rollins has slammed North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory over his role in passing the state’s controversial anti-LGBT law HB2 in a new op-ed piece for LA Weekly.

Rollins’ insight in an article entitled “North Carolina, I Love You, But Your Governor Is An Asshole”, follows the cancellation of plans by PayPal and many others to do business in the US East Coast state, including concerts by Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Boston and others.

Known as the ‘bathroom bill’, HB2 dictates use of public bathrooms by transgender citizens by birth and not current identity, prevents cities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances to protect gay and transgender people, and bans state lawsuits for any type of workplace discrimination.

The author, actor, spoken word artist, activist and former Black Flag frontman takes McCrory head-on while crediting Springsteen’s credibility for casting more light on the issues related to recently-passed law in a state where the young Rollins spent many summers at camp.

Rollins writes: “I can’t see McCrory and his staff wondering out loud if their thick-skulled, cracker logic might result in Bruce Springsteen not only canceling his upcoming show in Greensboro, depriving the state of revenue and its residents of a Springsteen concert, but inspiring Mr. Boss to issue a press release that more people have read than will ever peruse House Bill 2.”

He continues: “HB2 is now law. There is no ‘walking it back.’ If McCrory eventually caves and tries to repeal it, everyone will know it’s because he values money over his homophobia, which he has poorly disguised as moral rectitude and common sense. Either way he’s fucked.

“If I were him, I wouldn’t feel all that put out by Springsteen’s cancellation as much as I would fear PayPal scrapping its plans to locate a new operations center in his state. PayPal is bigger than any governor.”

While Springsteen and others have boycotted the state in recent weeks, some artists – including Mumford & Sons, Cindi Lauper and Laura Jane Grace – have performed and donated funds to groups fighting the HB2 law.

Peter Frampton says his plans moving forward will combine both approaches.

He tells Rolling Stone: “My band and I will uphold our commitment to play our scheduled shows there this summer and honour fans who have already purchased tickets and/or made travel plans. However, we will not play again until these laws are changed. I will be making a donation in support of the rights and protections of the LGBTQ community.”