Headbanging is out, maggots! This is how you really dance to Slipknot (apparently)

Devan on TikTok dancing, Corey Taylor of Slipknot
(Image credit: Venla Shalin/Redferns, @devantacoshell)

Headbanging? That's old news, apparently. These days, Slipknot fans are seemingly busting new kinds of moves - or at least, according to one new Internet legend, they are in the privacy of their own homes.

Giving us a mighty fine example of how the kids are dancing to the Iowan metal heavyweights is Devan, a guitarist and cook who goes by the username @devantacoshell on TikTok.

In his video, he feigns surprise at how heavy Slipknot's ear-obliterating, "angry" Gray Chapter track Custer sounds. Suddenly, he jumps into some kind of interpretive dance that involves all kinds of unexpected moves that we're not entirely sure how to explain. Your best bet is to check them out for yourself below. 

Sharing in their love for unconventional Slipknot boogieing is one user who comments: "I'm so happy I'm not the only one who does the lil hip dance to this 😂". Another fan remarks: "I dance like that in my car all the time, to that exact song!" While another says, "Me cleaning my room at 3am".

So there you have it, a fine demonstration of how to really show off your Slipknot-loving moves in the proper way, and just in time too, as their new album The End So Far is already in arm's reach, and set to arrive on September 30.

You can read all about the new album in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, which celebrates the return of Slipknot with nine collectable covers, one for each member.

The issue also comes with an exclusive Slipknot patch and a giant, double-sided poster – as well as a bonus Eddie Munson Stranger Things art print. You can order your copy straight to your door here.

Check out the Slipknot dance TikTok below:


♬ Custer - Slipknot
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