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Headbang brain injury is 'crap' says Campbell

Phil Campbell has no sympathy for the fan who ended up with bleeding on the brain after attending a Motorhead gig.

The guitarist took a less compassionate view than his bandmate Mikkey Dee, who last week said he hoped the 50-year-old German fan was okay.

The man was treated at Hannover Medical School in Germany after complaining of a constant headache in the weeks after attending the gig. It was discovered he had developed a subdural haematoma on his brain which doctors linked to headbanging.

But Campbell insists that if fans overdo it in the moshpit, they have no one to blame but themselves.

He tells TeamRock Radio: “I read it in the paper. That’s just journalistic crap. It’s nothing to do with Ace Of Spades or music. We don’t have a problem with anyone. We just do our own thing.

“If people get into trouble while we’re playing, that’s their problem. It’s a bad thing, but we don’t try to get people to get into trouble or whatever.”

Phil Campbell speaks to TeamRock Radio