Hammett hails ‘powerful’ Meshuggah


Metallica’s Kirk Hammett has called his recent appearance on stage with Meshuggah an “amazing experience.”

He played with the Swedish outfit on their track Bleed at the RockBar Theatre in San Jose during the guitarist’s annual horror-themed Fear FestEvil earlier this week.

He tells SiriusXM (via Blabbermouth): “I could feel the power behind me. It was kind of like being in front of a locomotive and the only way to keep in front of that locomotive is to just play my ass off and keep up with it.

“I’ve jammed with a lot of people and I’ve jammed with a lot of bands, but that was so unique. It was amazingly powerful and an amazing experience.”

Meanwhile, his Metallica bandmate Lars Ulrich joined Royal Blood on stage in San Francisco on Wednesday night. He guested behind the kit for Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher’s Out Of The Black.

This month, Hammett reported that some of the material on their upcoming 10th album was “a bit more progressive” than their previous work.

Metallica will headline this year’s Reading and Leeds on August 29 and release 1982 demo No Life ’Til Leather on tape to mark Record Store Day this weekend.