Grab some popcorn, because Ronnie Radke has beef with Sebastian Bach and Eddie Trunk over the use of laptops on stage

Ronnie Radke and Sebastian Bach
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Falling in Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke has spent several days warring with Sebastian Bach and SiriusXM presenter Eddie Trunk on social media over the band’s use of laptops during live performances – and shows no signs of stopping. 

The Las Vegas band were forced to pull out of their scheduled appearance at Illinois’ WIIL Rock Fest on September 24 after some of their laptops went missing. 

Radke posted a video the day before explaining their predicament and their decision to withdraw from the festival bill.

Radke said: “I’m sorry and I never make videos like this, but I feel like I owe it to you guys. We show up to rehearsals… and our laptops are missing, that we run all of our show on and stuff. And as a band in 2022, you need your laptops, you know? It’s like driving a car without an engine. It's really unfortunate. Supposedly they are lost. Blame it on our crew, I guess. I don't know how that happened. That’s never happened before… pretty upset about it. They were brand new laptops. I'm very sorry, guys.” 

Eddie Trunk posted a response on Facebook and kickstarted something of debate –  online bickering, really – about the authenticity of using backing tracks in a live setting. 

“This is astonishing. First I heard about this I thought it was a joke to wind me up. How much longer are fans, promoters, media, just going to accept the epidemic of live rock shows… not really being live? Paying your hard earned money to see a band play ‘live’ that’s not truly live?! And there are countless bands in 2022 that hone their craft and play live! Tons! New and old!! Including the one that subbed for them in their slot, Jackyl. No laptop needed there! This is just unreal. But at least I give them credit for being honest. Wow. I am closer than ever to launching my own band. And I can’t sing or play a note… simply amazing.”

Several days later, he added: "In a week where we actually saw a band cancel a show because their fucking laptops were down… I’m watching a real live raw rock band that’s been around 50 + years with a 76 year old lead singer KILL on stage. Rock and roll like it should be!! Thank you @aerosmith!"

Argument over? Oh, right. It continued. 

This is the moment where it appears that Radke picked up his phone and declared a personal war on Bach in particular. But it was Trunk was the first to be strafed by Radke's barbed comments on social media.

"So you wanna talk hella Shit about laptops but go watch kiss lip sync, Steven Tyler plays the piano then half way through the song he stands on top of piano while it sill plays yet here we are acting like they all don’t use tracks you fucking idiot. Literal moron."

Radke then dragged Sebastian Bach into the debate, tweeting: "@eddietrunk introducing @sebastianbach using tracks, both idiots talking Shit about me using tracks can’t make this shit up."

The ex-Skid Row singer responded: "Wow dummy are you trying to say that you believe that I use tracks on stage? @EddieTrunk how f****** funny is this", adding "Watch what happens when track bands call real musicians idiots."

He added: "It's always so much fun to show someone what the world was like before the internet existed get f****** ready. Virtual reality is so much fun until you have to deal with actual reality. In your face. Can't wait to meet you in person. Name the time and the place and I will introduce you to rock and roll in person man."

The Falling In Reverse vocalist responded to a now deleted tweet from the former Skid Row frontman, tweeting even harder: "What a fucking BUMMER this man that we all once loved is literally disrespecting an entire generation of bands. You got a lot of people that grew up listening to you you should be ashamed of yourself. Shit changes so do people the fuck is your problem."

At the time of writing, Radke is still responding to Twitter users about the use of laptops and taking potshots at people's appearances. 

We'll leave you with some highlights from the squabbling.

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