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Ghost struggle for EP time

Ghost want to record another EP between albums – but they’re struggling to find the time.

And they’ll only do it if they can be certain it won’t be too similar to their 2013 covers collection If You Have Ghost, which followed the launch of second album Infestissumam and came ahead of latest work Meliora.

One of the band’s Nameless Ghouls tells AMBY: “We have a list of songs that we want to record. But the album took a lot of time and the recording ended up being a procedure that allowed for very little extra material.

“Whereas many bands go into the studio and record 17 songs, choose 13 and then leave the rest as an extra topping later, we never really got to do that.

“So we’re trying to figure out: should we record an EP? When are we supposed to do that? We’re basically on tour from now until December 2016.”

He says the band are also aware that they might need to take time off when it’s available, rather than filling the schedule gap with recording sessions.

He continues: “We’re trying to figure out what is a good and valuable, meaningful release. We don’t want to just record another EP and just repeat the same thing. It has to be something different.”

Ghost are currently touring Europe and return to the UK in December.