Gene Simmons' New Year's Resolutions are pretty much the most Gene Simmons thing ever

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As another new year rolls around, many of us have our sights set on becoming "better" versions of ourselves. Perhaps, we define that by listening to more new music, eating less (or more) cake, or flipping off our nosy neighbour just a little bit less. Either way, we're ready to repeat the trusty mantra "new year, new me" until our 2021 selves are buried deep in the ground.

If you still haven't settled on a new year resolution and find yourself looking for inspiration, though, you might want to pay attention to Kiss' Gene Simmons, whose aspirations are unsurprisingly lofty. 

In a recent interview, when asked about said-goals, the Kiss bassist revealed that his were to "be a better, kinder, better-looking and richer guy". 

He continued, "Not all of that's gonna happen, but I can certainly become a better person — be kinder, give more to philanthropy, reach out even to people who you disagree with completely.

"We all live on this planet, and you're not gonna be able to change everybody's mind. And that's okay. Agree to disagree. 'Hey, I don't agree with you. Let's go have some coffee.'"

Last year, Simmons announced that Kiss were heading to the end of their touring career, although hoped that the band would play another 200 shows before finally calling it quits.

In conversation with Art & Object, he explained: "If I was in U2 or The [Rolling] Stones, both amazing classic bands, I could be Keith [Richards] or the Edge, wear a pair of comfortable sneakers and a t-shirt, and you're done, no fuss, no muss, easypeasy, no sweat.

"But no, I have to wear eight-inch platform heels. Each of the dragon boots weighs as much as a bowling ball. So you're walking around with two bowling balls on your feet, 40 pounds of armour studs, guitar, and all that stuff. Then I got to spit fire, fly through the air, it's exhausting. The Stones, god bless 'em, can keep doing this into their eighties."

Listen to the full interview below:

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