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Gene Simmons is “continually astonished” by how fans react at rainy English festivals

Kiss (Image credit: Jen Rosenstein)

Kiss are currently on their End Of The Road tour across North America – a run of shows which has already seen them say farewell to thousands of fans.

They’ll head back across to the UK and Europe later this year – and bassist and vocalist Gene Simmons is clearly looking forward to the trip.

He’s spoken with The Telegraph, where he’s reflected on 46 years of touring – and he's singled out audiences outside of their homeland for special praise

Under the headline: "Europeans go completely nuts at music festivals,” Simmons says: “We’ve headlined at Donington a few times.

“I’m continually astonished by the fact that, even when it’s raining cats and dogs, 70,000 or 80,000 people are getting drenched, covered in mud, but they’re still jumping up and down like locusts and having the time of their lives. 

“At a Californian festival, rain would be a major disaster, but I guess the English are pretty used to it.”

Simmons also touches on the fact that incredible concerts don’t really depend on how good the audio is on the night.

He says: “They’re about the people. The Cavern Club in Liverpool is an iconic space, but if you see a bad band perform there, it will be horrible regardless. 

“Ed Sheeran managed to rock Wembley Stadium with just an acoustic guitar – but stadiums aren’t the best places for intimate gigs.”

Simmons also recalls being served a plate of live bugs when he was in Japan – something he wasn’t overly keen on trying.

“Call me a philistine,” he says, “but if you’ve got eight legs, tentacles and little beady eyes, I can’t eat you. I can’t stomach the ‘eeeek’ sound of seafood being cooked alive, either.”

Kiss’ End Of The Road tour will continue in Uniondale on Friday evening.