Fear Factory record taking longer than hoped


Fear Factory’s Burton C Bell has admitted work on their ninth album has taken much longer than they hoped it would.

But he’s promised fans the follow-up to 2012’s The Industrialist will give them what they’re waiting for.

Bell tells Silver Tiger: “We’re still working on it. It’s taking longer than expected – but it’s classic Fear Factory sound, the sound fans have always expected.”

He adds: “I think because we’re taking our time, the songs are really well-crafted, without losing the edge or the angst. We have an album title that we’re happy with, which really represents a good Fear Factory title.”

The inspiration behind the album is a return to previous themes, he explains. “It’s bringing the concept of man versus machine around again – but this time, the way I’m thinking about the machine is that it’s fully cognitive, and fully understand where its place is and what it needs to do.

“So the machine has very human qualities now.”

The album is expected via Nuclear Blast in the coming months.