Exclusive: 1349 reveal new album title, cover and track listing!

Four long years after the Demonoir album assured their place in top tier of Norwegian black metal, Oslo’s 1349 are due to return with its follow-up. Metal Hammer has been granted exclusive access to the band’s inner sanctum and we can revealed the artwork and track listing exclusively here!

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Aptly entitled Massive Cauldron Of Chaos, the band’s new missive will be released on September 29 via Indie Recordings and after 2009’s experimental Revelations Of The Black Flame and the 2010’s ambience-seeped Demonoir, Ravn, Archaon, Seidemann and legendary drummer Frost have gone for an all-out assault this time around, full of rampaging whorls, militaristic blasts and even moments of speed metal amongst the supreme necrotic carnage.

“It’s more direct and more profound than anything we’ve done before” says Frost”. The darkness is even more menacing and there are deeper depths. On the other hand, it’s kicking a lot more, because it’s more alive – at least that’s how I experience it.”

Check out the tracklist and the first single, Slaves, below!

1: Cauldron

2: Slaves/o:p

3: Exorcism/o:p

4: Postmortem/o:p

5: Mengele’s/o:p

6: Golem/o:p

7: Chained/o:p

8: Godslayer

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