Everything Matters to Ted Nugent


Ted Nugent has launched a stream of his track Everything Matters from upcoming album Shutup&jam! – his first record in seven years.

It’s due for release on July 7 via Frontiers Records, featuring Sammy Hagar as guest vocalist on the track She’s Gone.

The outspoken guitar maestro recently described himself as “a beautiful man with beautiful thoughts” in a Classic Rock Q&A.


  1. Shutup&Jam! 2. Fear Itself 3. Everything Matters 4. She’s Gone 5. Never Stop Believing 6. I Still Believe 7. I Love My BBQ 8. Throttledown 9. Do-Rags And A .45 10. Screaming Eagles 11. Semper Fi 12. Trample The Weak Hurdle The Dead 13. Never Stop Believing (blues)

Ted Nugent: Everything Matters