Enter Shikari's Rou Reynolds opens up on anxiety disorder

Rou Reynolds
Rou Reynolds
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Rou Reynolds has shared his experiences of general anxiety disorder.

The Enter Shikari frontman recalls “surviving on adrenaline” as he suffered from insomnia, exhaustion and experienced a severe panic attack last year.

He says on Twitter: “It’s strange to think that this time last year I’d only slept six hours this week. I was halfway through 12 weeks of insomnia and general anxiety disorder.

“After suffering from exhaustion I had the nastiest panic attack of my life and I was hospitalised, forcing us to cancel our Download warm-up show.

“At its worst, some mornings after failing to sleep at all once more, I’d get up feeling utterly distraught and just burst into tears – and the months that followed became some of the most strange and difficult of my life.”

Reynolds continues: “I don’t remember Download festival at all. I was a shell of a man surviving on adrenaline. Even had vitamin shots to the arse. I’ve never felt further from the little cockpit of one’s mind. I felt detached, inept and scared.”

He also calls for a mental healthcare overhaul in the UK – with more NHS funding and a yearly check-up scheme.

Reynolds adds: “The NHS is terminally underfunded and the mental health sections often get the worst brunt of the cuts. A wise psychology of the future will be practiced like dentistry.

“Check-ups every year for all – for free, I hope – even if there are no ‘problems.’”

Enter Shikari have a number of tour dates scheduled in Russia, Japan and Australia over the coming months.

Enter Shikari tour dates 2016

Jul 15: Bontida Eletric Castle Festival, Romania
Jul 30 Yantarny Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia
Aug 24: Budapest Barba Negra Track, Hungary
Sep 06: Shibuya O-East, Japan
Sep 08: Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Sep 09: Nagoya Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Sep 10: Tokyo Minato Osaka Blitz, Japan
Sep 19: Melbourne Billboard Saturdays, Australia
Sep 20: Newstead Triffid, Australia
Sep 21: Sydney Metro Theatre, Australia
Sep 22: Hindmarsh Gov, Australia
Sep 04: Fremantle Metropolis, Australia

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