"Don't even think about boofing it, you little perverts!": Ozzy Osbourne's appearance in a new advert goes places we never expected

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Back in February, canned water company Liquid Death announced that its powdered electrolyte drink mix, officially known as "Death Dust", would be available via Amazon. Fans were excited, but not for the reason you might think.

"Can I snort it?" asked one eager user, prompting Liquid Death to respond with the kind of medically ambiguous answer that suggested they recognised a possible controversy and were delighted by the prospect.

"Death Dust is best [emphasis ours] when mixed with 16-19oz of water or tea," instructed the company. "Please do not attempt to snort Death Dust."

"Best if with water, just okay if snorted," responded this.is.gonzo. "Noted."

"I am not hearing a no," added iandobro.

"I’m gonna snort it!" confirmed returnofthealien.

Now Liquid Death have launched an advert to warn of the dangers of snorting the product, and they've employed Ozzy Osbourne – the former king of snorting stuff and current Prince Of Darkness – to be the face of the campaign. 

“I love how Liquid Death makes a healthy thing like hydration more fun," advises Ozzy, who's presumably been well-compensated for his participation. "Sharon, the family, and I drink Liquid Death all the time, it’s delicious. But seriously, don’t snort or inject anything they make. It’s much better for drinking."

Ozzy also appears in what we're optimistically referring to as a 'public information film', in which he warns fans that banging out a line or two of Death Dust might indeed be dangerous.

"Death Dust? Take it from me. Don't snort that stuff!" Ozzy warns two baffled but otherwise responsible consumers. "Whatever you do, don't try freebasing it, and never ever inject it!"

Ozzy finishes with one final piece of advice, which is to avoid "boofing" Death Dust. And if you don't know what that means, we're not telling you.  

"These deranged sticks of electrolyte drink mix won’t just brutally murder your thirst," say the company. "They’ll also pump you with enough essential vitamins and electrolytes that you’ll rise from the dead and no longer be a flesh-eating zombie psychopath after a long night of partying."

Death Dust is available in a number of flavours including Severed Lime, Mango Chainsaw, and Convicted Melon.

Ozzy Osbourne Warns Kids Not To Snort Liquid Death - YouTube Ozzy Osbourne Warns Kids Not To Snort Liquid Death - YouTube
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