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Devil You Know's Jones a nervous wreck pre-gig

Howard Jones has lifted the lid on his pre gig routine by claiming he is a bag of nerves.

The former Killswitch Engage vocalist is fronting new band Devil You Know at Sonisphere today and he reckons he is already feeling the heat.

He tells TeamRock Radio: “You should see me half an hour before I go on stage and I’m just a mess, pacing, shaking and a bag of nerves. I just get really nervous and weird and I have bad anxiety so it is a little tough.”

Jones says he was stunned when Devil You Know won Best New Band at this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods, while guitarist Fran Artusato recalls how the band formed.

Fran says: “We didn’t know each other but I sent some demos through managers and other mutual people we had in common.” Howard adds: “When I got the demos I was like, ‘I’ll listen to them later’ then when I did, I had to listen again. And then I knew I gotta call these guys.”

Devil You Know speak to Sonisphere Radio, powered by TeamRock