DeLonge's Poet is a version of himself


Tom DeLonge says his character Poet Anderson represents who he wishes he was “in a different life.”

The Blink-182 man’s side project Angels & Airwaves this week released their new album The Dream Walker via To the Stars Records. It is accompanied by animated short film Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.

They have made the album available to stream. The character of Poet Anderson, says DeLonge, is very personal to him.

He tells KROQ: “There’s quite a lot in that character. You know, he’s got the long bangs that I used to run many years ago. He’s got the tight pants and he’s kinda got this sense of wonder about him. I think in many ways he’s the character who I wish I really was in totality, in a different life. He’s got a lot of me in him.”

DeLonge says the album has more angst than their previous four efforts – something he puts down to drummer Ilan Rubin’s obsessive work ethic, which is especially evident on recent single The Wolfpack.

DeLonge tells Rolling Stone: “Ilan’s the guy who stays up all night long and programs his own analog synthesizer sound. He doesn’t just plug in a synth and play a note, he offsets and filters and creates his own tonalities. That song is a collision of California and some rainier parts of an electronic England.”


  1. Teenagers & Rituals 2. Paralyzed 3. The Wolfpack 4. Tunnels 5. Kiss With A Spell 6. Mercenaries 7. Bullets In The Wind 8. The Disease 9. Tremors 10. Anomaly