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David Lee Roth launches skincare range for people with tattoos

(Image credit: Chris McKay/LiveNation - Getty)

David Lee Roth has launched a skincare range titled Ink The Original which protects and brightens tattoos and helps keep them from fading.

The company offers a range of products made with organic ingredients, and are committed to being environmentally conscious and cruelty-free.

Speaking about the range with Vogue, Roth says: “The product that we’re dealing with now goes hand-in-hand with what I think is the true Esperanto: It’s a language – ink –that everybody shares, especially if you don’t speak the same language. 

“With ink, we read each other’s signs and icons. In that way, it’s much like music. 

“I started this project with three of us sitting around an upended plastic bucket for a table at my house in Los Angeles. Now, there’s 34 of us and we have offices in New York as well as LA. 

“It’s taken three years and close to $7 million, and I’m involved in every single element of every part of it.”

Roth adds: “Surprisingly, there’s almost no competition. And what we have built is absolutely specialised to our community. 

“My business partner, Ami James, is the curator and one of the three owners of Tattoodo, which has more than 500,000 artists curated on their site. They get 2 billion views a month and have 20 million social media followers.”

For further details, visit the Ink The Original website.

Van Halen have been inactive since touring in 2015, with Roth recently hinting to Vulture that they could play shows in the US next summer – although nothing has been officially confirmed.