Courtney doubted Cobain suicide says AIC author

Courtney Love suspected there was more to husband Kurt Cobain’s death than suicide, claims the author of a book about Alice In Chains.

The Nirvana frontman, who died in 1994, was close friends with AIC vocalist Layne Staley, who passed away eight years later.

And David De Sola, writer of Alice In Chains: The Untold Story, says Love made contact with Staley’s stepfather Jim Elmer, to discuss her husband’s demise.

De Sola quotes Elmer saying: “She was looking for Layne because she knew Layne and Kurt were friends and wanted to find out what happened the last few days.

“She intimated to me that she was not happy with the outcome that it was a suicide. She thought there was more to it than that, and she wanted to chase down Layne and have a discussion with him.”

The author also says that Staley had his own doubts, writing: “‘I saw all the suffering that Kurt Cobain went through,’ Layne would recall. ‘I saw this vibrant person turn into a real shy, timid, withdrawn, introverted person who could hardly get a hello out.’”

His book adds a quote from another member of Staley’s family, saying: “He never thought Kurt would take his own life. He mentioned that multiple times. He just thought that was not characteristic of Kurt.”

De Sola’s book is on sale now. (opens in new tab) A legal bid to publish police photos taken at the scene of Cobain’s death was recently dismissed by a Seattle court – although campaigner Richard Lee, who brought the lawsuit, says he’ll file again.

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