Corey Taylor: "it’s trendy to be offended and outraged by everything, yet nothing happens"

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Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has opened up on some of the inspiration behind his writing for new single The Dying Song (Time To Sing) - namely his belief that much of society is obsessed with 'outrage culture' rather than finding productive ways to make positive change happen.

“To me, it just seems like it’s all the outrage and none of the punishment,” he tells Kerrang. “For the last few years it’s been very trendy to be offended and outraged by everything, and yet nothing happens – especially in my country, which is just fucking ridiculous. It’s almost like the tables have turned, and the more angry people get, the more the people who they’re mad at just double-down on the shit."

"Instead of there being cause and effect, or crime and punishment, now it’s just like, ‘Fuck you, we don’t care.’" he continues. "I can’t tell if that’s a reaction because of the almost nihilistic isolation of the cultures themselves, where neither side is acknowledging any of the good parts of each other – they’re just really honed in on the shit that they consider inflammatory. And it’s almost like people are ringing the doomsday bell."

Slipknot released The Dying Song last night alongside the news that the band's seventh studio album, The End, So Far will be released September 30 via Roadrunner records. The nine-piece kick off their 2022 European tour tonight in Romania, before returning to the US for another tour and hitting up shows in South America, Indonesia and Japan.

The End, So Far tracklist

1. Adderall
2. The Dying Song (Time To Sing)
3. The Chapeltown Rag
4. Yen
5. Hivemind
6. Warranty
7. Medicine For The Dead
8. Acidic
9. Heirloom
10. H377
11. De Sade
12. Finale

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