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Corey Taylor calls on fans not to go with the crowd

Corey Taylor has bemoaned suggestions that Slipknot and Stone Sour sound too similar.

The frontman of both bands says there is a trend for fans to follow the pack rather than make an independent judgement on the music, which he insists is clearly identifiable.

Speaking to his namesake on Las Vegas show Corey Taylor Talks, he says: “I think a lot of it comes down to my voice. Like, there’s a lot of people that think when I sing heavy with Stone Sour that I’m trying to do Slipknot. And then vice versa — when I sing more melodic with Slipknot, I’m trying to be more Stone Sour.”

He adds: “And it’s, like, but you’re not hearing the music, you’re putting everything together. Like The Devil In I, a lot of people compared it to Stone Sour because a lot of it is melodic until it gets to that chorus and it punches.

“And I’m, like, ‘Not really.’ It’s Slipknot music so it’s a Slipknot song. And I think it’s because a lot of people, for better or for worse, choose the easy way to figure out what they’re thinking about, or what their opinion is.

“So if they read somebody say, ‘Well, he’s singing melodically, it has to be Stone Sour,’ a lot of people pick that up, because it’s easier to go with the crowd than it is to think differently. But we encourage our fans to try and do that stuff.”

Both bands are preparing for the release of new records with Slipknot scheduled to drop .5: The Gray Chapter on October 21 and Stone Sour eyeing an early 2015 release.

The new Stone Sour album will be the band’s first with new guitarist Christian Martucci following the split with Jim Root – who has played on all five previous Stone Sour records – in a decision which Root said ‘wasn’t his.’