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Comeback Kid say trendy isn't cool

Comeback Kid lead guitarist Jeremy Hiebert says avoiding the temptation to jump on trend has helped his band avoid the pitfalls of their contemporaries.

Ahead of the band’s appearance on the Bohemia Stage at Sonisphere today, Hiebert tells TeamRock Radio: “For us it is not jumping on trend and following what is flavour of the month. You see those bands headlining big venues and then they’re never seen two or three years later.

“But we try not to jump on them, although it can be tempting when you see them doing so well for a while. We like to do what we do and do it as well as we can rather than what is the cool thing just now.”

The band recently company with drummer Kyle Profeta after recording new album Die Knowing, a split Hiebert describes as “amicable”.

Hiebert adds: “He told us after he laid down his last drum track he was done with Comeback Kid as he wanted to do other things. It is understandable as we have been doing this for over a decade so good for him. It is all very amicable and we are still in touch.

“You can never foresee anyone leaving the band for whatever reason but for the foreseeable I see this line-up staying for a while.”

Comeback Kid’s Jeremy talks to Sonisphere Radio, powered by TeamRock (opens in new tab)