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Classic Rock's Tracks Of The Week

Here on the Classic Rock team we've spent all week finishing off issue 200. What's in it? Christ only knows. But there's LOTS of it. And while we were making it we were listening to this lot. Expect apocalyptic visions and fire breathing demon ladies. As usual.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – American Dream Plan B

First up, Mr Tom Petty and his Hip-breakers, sorry Heartbreakers. With a new album – their 13th studio recording – Hypnotic Eye due out on July 28th on Reprise Records, first taste American Dream Plan B sounds atypically brutish. Think Dylan-goes-garage.

The Cadillac Three – _Back It Up _

Not a brand spanking new one but back in everyone’s minds as they play Sonisphere at the weekend and a London show next week, and a song about, uh, reversing is always good, right?

AC Angry – Hellrock Anthem

The latest video from Germany’s AC Angry, is described as “a true monument of heaviosity with all its hellish trademarks: sex, drugs and rock’n’roll”. Expect flames, domination and lyrics like ‘Take your money and shove it up your ass’. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the AC part of their name is a nod to ferocious frontman Alan Costa. They’re on a rebel ride straight to hell. Yeah. (If you can, try and guess which one of these first three tracks is the one most favoured by Geoff Barton.)

**The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt **

Everybody’s favourite college-rocking, Springsteen-aping, heart-on-their-sleeves punk rockers dial back the punk even further on his love-lorn sample from their new album, an apparent return to earlier form.

The Boys – _I’m A Believer _

From their new Rock ‘N’ Roll Menopause album, I’m A Believer is NOT a cover of the Neil Diamond-penned Monkees hit but it’s not a kick-in-the-arse off it either. The original melodic punks prove they’ve still got it in the singalong stakes. (This song was the only one chosen by Reviews Ed Ian Fortnam. He tried to find more, he says, but the bands he likes are “too poor to make videos… Tragic.”)

Beastmilk – The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls

So far, so summer-y. Thank gawd, then for Jo Kendall and this apocalyptic goth stomper from Finland’s Beastmilk. Is anyone less than 30 reading this? If so: this is what the 80s were like. That’s right – we lived through the apocalypse so you could watch bullshit on TMZ. Anyway. Catch them at Sonisphere this weekend, or in October when they return to the UK.

**Tesla – So Divine **

Fresh from rocking Download comes new single So Divine. The track comes from their recently released album Simplicity, about which guitarist Frank Hannon says: “The style is pure Tesla – back to our roots.”

**Tigertailz – Punched In The Gutz **

Welsh glam metallers Tigertailz are back with a Manga-themed video for the third video release from their disappointingly-titled Knives EP (it should be Knivez, surely?). Tigertailz are currently recording a follow-up EP reassuring called Daggerz – scheduled for release by Italian label Scarlet Recordz/Records later this year.

The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger – Too Deep

People say that Sean Lennon is just trading on his father’s famous name. Yeah, man – it’s an easy ride all the way. That’s why this video has been viewed only 323 times at the time of posting. It deserves more. A one-take road movie, it’s a meaty, beaty, trippy ride, more Cold Turkey than Woman.

**Accept – Stampede **

German metal legends Accept are gearing up for the release their new album Blind Rage next month via Nuclear Blast. The first single is album opener Stampede and the video for it was filmed on location in the high desert of California at the Devil’s Punchbowl.

Jobriath – Inside

As The River Flows is the new full-length of never-before-released music by glam rock pioner Jobriath. As rock’s first openly gay major-label artist, Jobriath’s music never quite got its due. The reasons are legion and include a combination of overhype, prejudice and the artist’s own self-destructive tendencies. But if you like the sound of David Bowie playing Liberace’s back catalogue, then this song is the one for you.

The Black Angels – Sunday Evening

The new track from Texan nu psyche-rocker The Black Angels is taken from upcoming release Clear Lake Forest - a full release of their limited edition Record Store Day vinyl. Think Beatles-era Revolver played by people who’ve had their minds twisted by the Jesus & Mary Chain.


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Scott Rowley
Scott Rowley

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