CJ Wildheart's double joy


CJ Wildheart is celebrating double success after the guitarist became a dad for the first time – and saw his debut solo album Mable entered the UK rock chart at No.2.

The guitarist announced his family news on Satuturday, saying: “Happy to announce that my son Joshua was born yesterday. Mum and JJ doing fine, and I just changed my first nappy. Feels amazing!”

The following day it was confirmed his crowdfunded record had reached the heights of the chart. CJ achieved 377% of his target, allowing him to develop his Devilspit Hot Sauce alongside recording dutes. He donated 10% of the additional funding to Prostate Cancer UK.

CJ recently told TeamRock that doctors had warned him he might have to end his career when an old hand injury reoccured. He said: “I had this repetitive strain thing from playing the guitar so low for so many years – my hand was always at a weird angle.

“Two of my tendons fused together and I had the lump the size of a golf ball on my hand. The doctor said I might have to quit – but I said, ‘Not a chance.’”