Circle-pitting in golf carts is a thing now and we love it

Circle pitting golf carts
(Image credit: Gary Holt)

Lockdown hit some of us hard. Following months of sofa-bound lifestyles with limited exercise, we just can't seem to pit like we used to. It seems punters over at the Full Terror Assault festival in Illinois, US, have come up with a solution, though. 

Enter the golf cart circle-pitters, who took to the festival mosh pit this weekend by way of – yep, you guessed it – golf carts. This strange phenomenon was documented by Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, who posted a video of the event on his Instagram account with the caption: "So what don’t you see every day? A golf cart circle pit! Haha. We were told about these such occurrences, but when we hadn’t seen one yet, by the time we played The Toxic Walt, it was also time to request one! 

"Maybe they thought it was too crowded. NOT! Most fun epic, totally loose show we’ve played! Had some song hiccups here and there, but when it’s this fun, who the fuck cares!! @ftaopenair, it was an experience! Thanks! And look for the guy with the 12 pack carton in his head!"

Perhaps the cart riders were just finishing up a pre-festival game of golf, and noticed that they were running a little late to watch their favourite band. Or maybe they were just simply feeling too worn out to handle yet another body-decimating mosh-pit. Either way, it looks like the group caused some absolute mayhem, so we bow our heads to you. Personally, we're still struggling to work out how punters sneak in bottles of booze past security, never mind a full-working vehicle.

Check it out below:

Liz Scarlett

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