Deathcore crew Chelsea Grin launch 'pool noodle' mosh pit at their show with predictably ridiculous results

Chelsea Grin
(Image credit: TikTok)

We love it, obviously, but metal can sometimes be a little... silly. And judging by the amount of silliness and shenanigans at the weekend's Download Festival, it's clear that us metalheads aren't ones to take ourselves too seriously.

On the outside, of course, there's times where we might look rather menacing to those unfamiliar with our world, such as when we're throwing elbows in a mosh pit. But, as with most things we do, we always know how to bring some of our fun-loving baboonery into the fold, with the perfect example being exhibited by Salt Lake City deathcore crew Chelsea grin, who have introduced 'pool noodle mosh pits' to their shows.

In a new TikTok video, soundtracked by country legend Shania Twain for extra coolness points, Chelsea Grin can be seen documenting their amusing idea, starting off with the band walking into a Walmart store and buying many, many pool noodles, then piling their purchases into their tour van. 

Later, on-stage, the band fire said 'noodles' out into the audience, whereupon the crowd quickly snap them up and begin whacking each other with the foam poles in a wild and yet adorably wholesome frenzy.

Viewers in the comments are enthralled by the scene, with one user writing: "I'd fuck shit up in a pool noodle pit", while others note: "These are the silly goofy times I miss at hardcore shows", and "Dangerous metalheads at it again haha". Aren't we just.

So far, the clip has netted 1.4M views and over 280K likes. Check it out below:


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