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Bun E Carlos to Cheap Trick colleagues: Find a way to live and let live

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Carlos, left, with Cheap Trick at the Hall Of Fame (Image credit: Getty)

Original Cheap Trick drummer Bun E Carlos has called on his colleagues to end their combative treatment of him, following their one-off reunion at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Carlos stepped back from live and studio commitments several years ago at the request of Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander and Tom Petersson, but insisted that he remained a part of the band business.

The matter went to court in 2014 but was apparently settled last year, with Zander commenting: “We’ve had our differences, but we’re all settled up now and hopefully we can forget about that era.”

Now Carlos says: “Being reunited for that final performance was an overwhelming honour that I’m grateful for. This should be a time of celebration, we’re in the Hall Of Fame, Cheap Trick have a new record out, and I’ve got a new solo record coming in June.

“But it’s hard to celebrate when the other three shareholders are in all the papers and on the radio calling me names and saying things that aren’t true.”

Carlos and his colleagues during their induction

Carlos and his colleagues during their induction (Image credit: Getty)

He continues that he “reluctantly agreed” to be replaced by a “hired drummer” and that the subsequent legal action “didn’t end well for them.”

And he adds: “When Tom quit in the 80s we brought in salaried musicians, but without Tom the recipe was different. Seven years later, after Tom returned, I was the one who insisted Cheap Trick restore his corporate rights.

“We realised that the four of us together have something special, so special that it made it worth getting a quarter of the earnings instead of a third.”

He concludes: “Few bands get along after 40 years, but I truly hope that Rick, Tom, and Robin can drop the gloves, stop the ugly name calling, and find a way to live and let live.”

Cheap Trick released 17th album Bang, Zoom, Crazy… Hello earlier this month. Carlos will launch solo album Greetings From Bunezuela on June 24.