Cats In Space tackle social media 'craziness' with Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Cats In Space

Cats In Space have released a video for new song Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. It’s the first track to be taken from the band’s upcoming album Scarecrow — the follow-up to 2015’s Too Many Gods — and tackles the false hope social media offers and its affect on the world.

“Social media is sometimes a wicked web of deceit and chaos, where it seems everything is the best thing ever, and no one can afford to miss out on anything,” says guitarist Greg Hart. “To my mind this is not real, and very much like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, where everything was not quite as it seemed.

“Both the song and the video sum up how we Cats feel about the craziness of social media, and the way the world is going. Of course we’ve employed our particularly feline sense of fun in the lyric, so as it says in the song, take your place, it’s a digital wonderland!”.

Last year Hart told Classic Rock about their mission to revive the 1970s. “We love everything that’s good about the seventies,” he said, “though we do touch upon the very early eighties via some of those rock-based AOR bands. To me, music went wrong in 1982.

“There’s no real quality control any more. Now, ninety per cent of people don’t even listen to an entire song – just a thirty-second snippet, then on to the next one. Everything’s too disposable.”

Scarecrow is released on August 25, and can be pre-ordered now. The band tour the UK in September (full details below), including three shows at London’s Borderline.

Cats In Space tour dates

Tickets are on sale now.

Cats In Space – the rock band, not actual cats in space...

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