Carmine Appice wants Led Zep job


Veteran drummer Carmine Appice insists he’d be a better fit for any future Led Zeppelin lineup than Jason Bonham.

The Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart and Vanilla Fudge icon recalls there was talk of him replacing his friend John Bonham when he died in 1980 – and he’d love to see it come to fruition, even though Robert Plant has ruled out a reunion.

Appice tells Totally Driven Radio: “I would like to work with a Led Zeppelin configuration, whether it’s just John and Jimmy, me and a singer.

“There’s a rumour that Ann Wilson might go out with them. I’d love to play drums on something like that.”

Asked about the chances that Bonham Jr would be likely to return to the kit for any future work, Appice says: “Everybody in that band is old school and legendary. Jason isn’t legendary and he’s not old school.

“He’s John Bonham’s son but he don’t play like John Bonham. I’m not either – but I think my style might be close, because I came first. John listened to stuff I did and did it his own way. And we took them on their first tour. It’s very close in feel.”

Appice, who’s currently working with Joe Lynn Turner in supergroup Rated X, adds: “When John passed away there were rumours that I was going to join Led Zeppelin. Obviously I didn’t get to do that – but I would still like to do that.”

Page, who this year completed work on his Led Zep remaster project, recently told Classic Rock that he’s gearing up to surprise people with new music in 2015.