Cannibal Corpse's Corpsegrinder hung out with Santa and then won a load of stuffed toys for charity and by god we love this man

George Corpesgrinder Fisher with Santa
(Image credit: Metal Blade/Tom Kelley/Getty Images)

We've known for a while that longtime Cannibal Corpse vocalist George Corpsegrinder Fisher is, in fact, an incredibly lovely man and bona fide hero for our times

This week he continued to prove himself the most wholesome figure in death metal when he shared a couple of Instagram posts showing him getting into the Christmas spirit as he hung out with "the best Mall Santa ever". 

Hard as it might be to imagine the singer behind Orgasm Through Torture, Blood Drenched Execution and Blunt Force Castration sticking on a brightly-coloured Christmas jumper and going to see Santa, Fisher's Instagram post proves even the most brutal vocalists can resist a bit of family fun around Christmas. 

It's a second post however that really shows how lovely Corpsegrinder continues to be, as he shares an update about visiting a local mall with his wife to win cuddly toys from claw machines, which he then donates to charity. 

Fisher previously told Hammer, "I love claw machines. It could be anything in there - it could be a cartoon character that I don't like - and I’ll get ’em anyway. I save up quarters, and when I win we donate them for kids for Christmas time or whatever. 

"We played somewhere in Michigan once, and the club we were playing had a sign saying, ‘“On such and such a date, we're doing a toy drive.’ So I found out who was in charge of the club and said, ‘So you're in charge of this toy drive? I got a whole bunch of stuffed animals I won on this tour, I'll give ’em to you.’" 

Naturally, with such feelgood vibes, fans (and friends) have been commenting their support. "We must protect you at all costs," writes one user. "Donating to children is metal af!" says another. Another chimes in with "can we all agree that this man is the metal equivalent of Mr. Rogers?" 

Comparisons to beloved public broadcasting figures or no, there's no denying Corpsegrinder is a true metal icon and a hero for the ages. With a Cannibal Corpse tour set to bring him back to Europe and the UK in March and April 2023, we look forward to more wholesome updates from the death metal legend. 

Rich Hobson

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