Butcher Babies relfect on cash woes


Butcher Babies say their success hasn’t yet led them to financial security.

The band released second album Take It Like A Man last year and launch a European tour in April. But worldwide recognition doesn’t always equate to money in the bank, according to vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey.

Asked if there have been any disappointments in the band’s career, Shepherd tells Rise To Offend: “To be able to go out and live my dream and be a metal singer, how can that be in any way, shape or form disappointing.

“You know, I think the only disappointing thing is that we’re poor as shit.”

Harvey adds: “There’s a whole misconception if you’re a signed band, and you tour the world, and you have a lot of fans coming to shows, all of a sudden you’re making a ton of money.

“That’s just not the truth.”

Shepherd previously said she feels shunned by some sections of the metal community.