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Brush with youth inspired White

Jack White says his new solo album is influenced mainly by his younger self.

The White Stripes singer and guitarist releases his second solo record Lazaretto today (June 9) and says discovering a box of short stories and plays in his attic helped form many of the characters featured on the album.

The material reminded White of young, first love and has found its way onto Lazaretto. He tells “I kind of just found this box and went, ‘oh, wow, that’s right, something from half of my age.’ And I just started reading the characters and they’re so simple and so direct. I just took them and turned them into characters of other songs.

“It was sort of taking from my younger self which is a strange idea too. Something I’ve never done before. Can you work with your younger self and make something new out of that? This is the experienced version of me talking to the inexperienced version of me. There’s a beautiful mind meld going on there and something you can’t even explain to anybody. You just can only hear the fruit of that struggle between these two people.”

Last week it was revealed that White came very close to producing an Iggy And The Stooges record, only for Iggy Pop to change his mind after a tense telephone discussion with the White Stripes star.