Broken rib won't stop Arch Angel


Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz says she is struggling through the pain barrier as she tours despite having broken ribs.

She collided with a piece of stage equipment during one of the early shows of the band’s current European tour, but opted to continue rather than pull the plug.

The incident was so serious that she feared she may have damaged her organs.

Alissa tells OC Weekly: “I guess I went a little too hard at one of the first shows and actually broke the stage riser into a bunch of pieces. I landed on the pieces of steel and wood, which then stabbed me a bit. I hit my head, shins, elbows and my ribs. Fortunately, most of my body is OK, but my ribs are severely bruised and there is a compound break as well.

“I’m just finding ways of coping with the pain on stage, and just resting as much as possible when I’m not on stage. The first few days I thought it was fine, but a few days later it was really swollen and it hurt to breathe and move. I was still going on stage though..

“I got X-rays, an ultrasound and blood tests. The doctor wanted to give me injections of morphine and said I absolutely could not perform. There is also no organ damage, which is something I was worried about because the broken rib is right next to the liver.”

After replacing former singer Angela Gossow, White-Gluz vowed not to change Arch Enemy’s sound too much.