Black Spiders brew up a storm

Things behind the scenes of a Black Spiders gig aren't all beer and Jack Daniel's – it turns out the band just love a hot cup of tea.

The self-styled party band might be expected to quaff large amounts of bevvy backstage, but the admit a nice brew is more likely to get them in the mood to rock. Although, to be fair, it’s sometimes topped up with something a little stronger.

Before their Bohemia Stage appearance at Sonisphere today, the band told TeamRock Radio: “We need to make sure the right teas are backstage before we go on as we all like a nice cup of tea.

“Obviously a warm drink is good for the vocals for everybody in the band. It kind of warms up your throat a little bit. A cold beer can cramp up your throat.

“A warm bourbon is good too. Sometimes the tea is an Irish or Mexican – tea with tequila or mescal.”

Asked for three reasons why Sonisphere revellers should go see the band, they say: “Beer, beer and beer.”

Black Spiders speak to Sonisphere Radio, powered by TeamRock