Black metal: the cult evolves


Having written by far the most intimate and authoritative history of black metal with his 2013 tome, Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult, Hammer scribe Dayal Patterson is following it up with a series of further volumes exploring the scene in even greater detail.

Due to be released on March 31, Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume 1 focuses on the Norwegian, Polish and what’s been termed Depressive/Suicidal scenes, featuring yet more exclusive and in-depth interviews with the likes of Satyricon, Wardruna, Solefald, Shining (SWE), Kampfar, Mgla, Arkona, Bethlehem and Forgotten Tomb, as well as a host of previously unseen photographs.

Available as a limited, numbered and signed box set, housed in a deluxe box set with foil logo, alongside an exclusive t-shirt, artwork and prints, as well as a stand-alone book, Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume 1 is guaranteed to be another illuminating journey into the dark heart of black metal, for both newcomers to the scene and old guard alike.

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