Billy Talent deep into writing process


Billy Talent are deep into the follow-up to their last full studio outing Dead Silence, they’ve confirmed.

Last month they launched Hits, a 14-track recording charting their career so far, which included two new tracks. Now frontman Benjamin Kowalewicz says they’re writing more fresh material for a new release and describes the process as a “new chapter” for the band.

He tells “I think we have seven to nine songs that we’re flirting with at this point. It’s been a really fun and nostalgic process putting this whole Hits thing together but I’m really excited to get down to something brand new – a new chapter.”

They released new track Kingdom Of Zod last month and Kowalewicz says they wrote it following the death of drummer Aaron Solowoniuk’s brother.

He adds: “It was awful and it shattered us. Through that, guitarist Ian D’Sa ended up writing this acoustic kind of song and sent it to us. I just remember it moved me to tears. We’ve never done that before in our 21 years.

“It’s perfect because Kingdom of Zod is kind of a representation of where we’re at that we can still throw down but there’s also this whole other side of us that we are exploring as well.”

Hits tracklist

  1. Try Honesty 2. River Below 3. Nothing To Lose 4. Devil In A Midnight Mass 5. Red Flag 6. Fallen Leaves 7. Surrender 8. Devil On My Shoulder 9. Rusted From The Rain 10. Viking Death march 11. Surprise Surprise 12. Stand Up And Run 13. Kingdom Of Zod 14. Chasing The Sun