Bach wants Skid Row reconciliation


Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach says he wants to bury the hatchet with his old bandmates.

He acrimoniously split with the group in 1996 and has been critical of the band since, saying they were “allergic to cash” and claimed Rachel Bolan and co turned down $500,000 for two reunion shows.

Skid Row have insisted there would be no reunion following the departure of singer Tony Harnell last month – but Bach thinks it’s now time for both parties to put the past behind them.

The vocalist says: “Only way a Skid Row reunion could happen is if we somehow tried to bury a 20 year hatchet between us. Would love the chance to do so.

“To be honest, I have said some super shitty things to them and about them. I would like to apologise for shooting my mouth off.”

Skid Row have repeatedly shouted down the idea of a reunion with Bach, and while they’re currently without a singer and have a number of US dates in the coming months, they say they’re confident they’ll still be able to perform.

The band say: “We will do our best not to cancel any dates. Stay tuned.”