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Architects cleared to keep name

The Architects’ Registration Board (ARB) have ruled that UK outfit Architects can keep using their name.

The decision comes after retired architect Ray Bryant reported the band to the profession’s regulatory body. He pointed out that none of the band were on the ARB register.

According to bdonline, Bryant asked: “Is it permitted to call yourself an architect if you are clearly working in another profession? Or is the plural not covered by the act?”

The ARB’s professional standards administrator Sarah Loukes responded directly to Bryant stating that while the body would prosecute unregistered people passing themselves off as architects in the context of the industry, they would take a more relaxed view when it came to the word being used outwith the profession.

She added: “The ARB accepts that the word ‘architect’ is being increasingly used in other contexts. You have indeed evidenced a good example.

“It was never the intention of the Act to regulate the title for its own sake. The ARB, therefore, takes a pragmatic view and accepts that the use of the word causes no concern when used in a context which is clearly not related to the design and construction of buildings.”

The ARB’s professional standards manager Simon Howard adds: “We had complaints about L’Oreal because they said they were ‘architects of eyelashes.’ And we had complaints about Leighton Baines, the Everton football player, because he was described as ‘the architect of Everton’s success.’

Meanwhile, the band have issued a teaser video of their latest track A Match Made In Heaven. View it below. Details on the follow-up to their 2014 album Lost Forever // Lost Together will be released on March 7.