Anthrax: We’d love to work with Lady Gaga


Anthrax bassist Frank Bello says he and the band would love to work with Lady Gaga at some point – but insists nothing is currently planned.

Gaga played with Metallica at this year’s Grammy Awards where they collaborated on the thrash giants’ track Moth Into Flame.

The pairing has sparked much debate within the metal community – but Bello says it’s something he would like to see happen.

He tells Rock Rebel: “Lady Gaga is a friend of ours – she’s amazing. We love her, but she just did the Grammys with Metallica.

“She’s a metalhead, which I love, she’s awesome, so we would love to work with her. We’ll put it out there – she doesn’t have a lot of time, she’s very busy.

“We want to see her do well. She’s metal and we love her for it. Of course we’d be very open to that, but nothing is planned now.”

Anthrax have just wrapped up the European leg of their Among The Kings tour, which saw the band revisit their classic 1987 album Among The Living.

They recorded their February show in Glasgow for a future DVD release, with guitarist Scott Ian explaining why they chose to film in the Scottish city.

He said: “I just think that Scottish people in general, not just Glaswegians, are generally more mental than people from most other places – and I mean that as a compliment.

“I have great friends in Scotland, too, so I always look forward to going there.

“There’s definitely a connection there both personally and professionally. Ever since our first show at the Edinburgh Playhouse in 1986, we’ve always had great shows there.”

Anthrax will head out on the road across North America in the next couple of weeks with Killswitch Engage and Code Orange.

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