Anthrax tracks hard to play says bassist Bello


Anthrax bassist Frank Bello says the follow-up to 2011 album Worship Music will be far “thrashier” – and they’re finding the songs a challenge to play.

They’re still refining the songs ahead of recording sessions, but as many as 17 tracks have reached demo stage.

Bello tells WVOX: “Scott Ian and I were jamming with Charlie Benante, just doing demos. You know after you’re done with a song, you’re shaking your hand like you do a fastball? I’m tell you, the blood needed to flow again.

“I like the fact we have to work for this. That means there’s something going on with these songs. Scott and I look at each other and start laughing, then we start shaking our hands: ‘That’s going to be a good one!’”

No recording schedule has been laid out, and Anthrax haven’t officially confirmed that Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais is a fully-fledged member of the band, after joining in place of Rob Caggiano last year.

But Bello says: “This is a heavy record – a heavy, riff-oriented record. I like the fact that it’s a challenge to play. We’re having fun.”

The band just release live DVD Chile On Hell, which was recorded last year.