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Benante brews up coffee blends

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has emphasised his passion for coffee by releasing two bean blends.

His Be All End All product is described as a strong, dark roast, while Forever Metal offers a milder taste.

But he wishes he could take his obsession even further.

Benante explains: “I love coffee so much, if I could make it a cologne, I would wear it.

“I grew up in a large Italian family and coffee was a daily staple in our home. My mother said that at one point she put coffee in my bottle.

“It’s one of the greatest tastes that there is on earth, so I decided to create what was, for me, the perfect cup of coffee.”

The drummer – who’s working on the next Anthrax album, due out later this year – has had a go at the coffee business before, having previously launched a line of products with Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine.

Benante says: “I’ve learned so much since then, especially about selecting and blending the right beans, and how important roasting is.”

He adds: “I was pretty specific about the tastes I was looking for. I told them the type of coffee I wanted, what some of my favourite coffees were, and we built it from there.”

Benante’s Blend is available through his website.