Acid Reign return

English thrash outfit Acid Reign have returned after more than two decades away from the music scene.

Lone original member Howard ‘H’ Smith declares: “It’s not a reformation, it’s a reboot.” He adds: “I tried to put the old lineup back together but the guys were unable to do it for differing reasons. Then, in the summer of 2014, I started toying with the idea of a new lineup and it came together quite quickly. We’re taking it slowly, learning the old stuff and playing with new ideas too.

“Even if it was the old lineup it would be different, it’s been 24 years. The main thing is that the goodwill toward Acid Reign has never been stronger, everywhere I go people are saying we should come back and eventually I actually fucking listened.”

Formed in Harrogate in 1985, the group were a part of UK’s burgeoning thrash scene which saw Acid Reign perform alongside Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Flotsam & Jetsam and Death Angel.

Acid Reign’s 1987 demo, Moshkinstein, caught the ears of Music For Nations subsidiary Under One Flag, who released it as an EP in 1988. The band would go on to issue two albums – including 1989’s Fear and 1990’s Obnoxious – before disbanding in 1991 after a show at The Marquee Club.

Interest in Acid Reign’s return began with a 2011 Lost & Found Records collection, The Apple Core Archives, which featured remastered versions of their entire catalogue.

Smith now leads Acid Reign alongside new band members Paul Chanter and Cookey on guitars, bassist Pete Dee and drummer Marc Jackson.

Smith says: “Finally the rebooted lineup is complete. It’s taken nearly two years but I can honestly say it’s been worth the wait. Typically we’re doing things differently to everyone else, as where they reformed – and believe me we tried – we are now rebooting.

“Everyone in the band has Acid Reign in their DNA, some of the guys knew the band back in the day and some didn’t, but everyone is on the same page and we can’t wait to get out there and show the world how much it has been missing us.”