Accept: Earning a living in metal is near impossible


Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann says trying to make a living in a metal band is almost impossible.

With the German band set to release Blind Rage – their third album with singer Mark Tornillo and 14th overall – in July, Hoffmann admits he sympathises with hard-working metal bands.

A keen photographer, Hoffmann admits he is only in Accept for the love of the music, because he doesn’t expect to make much money out of it.

Speaking to Powerline, he says: “I’ve been a photographer and quite successful at it, and very comfortable with what I was doing. If I was only trying to survive or make a living or earn money, I’d be doing photography all day long. It’s much easier. And less stressful.

“But the big question for me is: is it as rewarding? I’d probably have to give the honest answer, ‘no.’ Music is much more rewarding in the end.

“I think it is still frickin’ hard to make a living in this kind of thing. And you’d be crazy to do music to earn a living. I’ve said it again and again, and this is not the only motivation for us by far: we really want this because we love doing it.

“But if it was a way for us to make a living only, it would be tough, man. Fortunately, we now built up our business to where it’s really becoming a business again. But if you’re in the music business trying to make money with metal nowadays, good luck. It’s not easy.”

Accept are touring America before a trip to Europe in support of Blind Rage.