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Legendary teutonic metallers Accept are entering their fiftieth year as a band and are showing no signs of stopping. With their 15th studio album The Rise Of Chaos coming our way this summer on Nuclear Blast, having just released a live album and a set of reissues, there must be a lot going through the mind of guitarist Wolf Hoffmann. Which is where you guys come in!

We asked Hammer readers to pitch questions to the man himself, and they came in thick and fast, ranging from Wolf’s opinions on classical music to gardening and knitting. Check out the Fans vs Wolf below. He’s really got his balls to the wall…

Jeff Stokes asks…
The global heavy metal scene is very different than it was twenty years ago. What would you say is the biggest difference (good & bad), and what would you change about it if you could?

“Yeah, there have been massive changes and yet very little. The internet rules the world and has opened opportunities for everybody! That is a massive change. But, like in the old days, creative people are running the show. The rules of art – that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – is still the same and will never change. The good thing is that everybody can be heard, and the bad thing is that everybody has to hear it – unless you tune out.

“We as people have to dig deeper than ever to find our way. Everybody has to think harder where and what he should change or get involved in. But one thing I am absolutely sure is that time is flying faster and focussing is getting harder. And to be honest, the question of what would I change, I have no easy answer – sometimes it could be nothing and sometimes it could be everything.”

Phil Oliver asks…
Accept have had a massive influence on heavy metal in Europe and no doubt been an inspiration to many musicians. Has there been anybody famous who said you were a big influence that surprised you?

“It took a long, long time for me to internalise the fact that we seem to have seriously influenced heavy metal before we consciously knew the definition of heavy metal! Yes, there have been very famous musicians, producers, songwriters who made it known to me but, let’s put it this way: it is a fantastic, great honour and it’s always hard to believe, no doubt. But the most moving emotion I feel is when say that our music has been the guidance, the light, support and inspiration in their lives. Believe me, that moves you. And when other musicians are playing your songs, that means everything to me!”

Ben Lye asks…
Wondering/hoping will you guys finally make the trip down here to lil ol’ New Zealand on the album tour?!

Craig Lochrie asks…
Is there going to be tour dates in New Zealand any time soon?

“I would love that! It’s funny that you ask that as I believe there are offers right now. I will check into that. It would be great to go there. I hope that the new album is getting some airplay – I know we have fans there.”

Nigel Taylor asks…
Looking back over your career, which album are you most proud of? And which one (if any) aren’t you keen on?

“Honestly, they are all my/our children! Each album is a mirror or manifest of the ‘situation’ we have been in at that time. People who know me would confirm that I never did an without the most sincere dedication. And because of that, I can handle very well the fact, that not everything we ever wrote has made it to the top of our fan’s list and that is fine with me. Interesting enough, and to our greatest surprise, there are songs loved by fans, where we raise our eyebrows; like really? But why not? You can’t argue about a song that someone loves and others don’t! But over the decades, naturally, I believe we get more sophisticated and stay in our usual Accept mode, which is a safe place to be!”

Bryan Aguilar asks…
What is the least rock ‘n’ roll thing you do in daily life? Knitting, gardening etc.

“No, knitting and gardening is not on my agenda – but photography and designing/building houses is very much!”

Clayton Pierce Kelly asks…
Which classical artists have inspired you the most?

“Too many. But obviously I had the chance to show my preferences when I released my two classical albums.”

Chris Xouliaras asks…
What was one of your most memorable performances?

“There were quite a few but our first show in the early ‘80s at L’Amours in Brooklyn oversold and was life-threateningly packed. Mark Tornillo and T.T. Quick were the house band there and that changed my life like no other. And yet, we did not meet them!”

Michael Grijalva asks…
When is the next US tour?

“As you might know, we have our biggest show ever at Wacked this year – three shows in one! Accept premiering a few new songs, Headbangers Symphony with the famous Ennio Morricone CNSO Orchestra, and then Accept songs with the orchestra Part III for a night to remember. After that we have a special show in Los Angeles at the famous Saban Theatre, and from there we go to Japan, Australia, USA, South America, Canada, Russia, all over Europe and then back to USA. We will be out there until the end of 2018 as far as I know.”

Javier Martinez Andreo asks…
Why don’t you ever play a track from the album Eat The Heat?

“There will be always questions about why we don’t play this or that and honestly before we go into that, we wanted to focus on new stuff. But we are working on a concept for a new live show that will hopefully surprise our fans.”

Christian McGuire asks…
Are there any plans to do another solo album?

“At this point we are absolutely 100% dedicated to get us to a new level with Accept! But, of course, my classical passion is there and always will be. There’s no doubt that I cannot not try it again!”

Accept’s new album Rise Of Chaos is available August 4 via Nuclear Blast, and is available to pre-order now.

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