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Watch this metalhead cover Suicide Silence on Romania's Got Talent

As you can imagine, we’re not exactly fans of TV talent shows here at Metal Hammer, but it’s always a fantastic sight when the world of metal tries to invade the mainstream.

Looking pretty suave in his suit and tie, Vadim Balaban launches full throttle into Suicide Silence’s Unanswered to obvious bewilderment and fear of the judges and audience.

Suicide Silence isn't for everyone

Suicide Silence isn't for everyone

Of course, this being TV, the presenters and judges engage in some ‘hilarious’ mock headbanging and grimacing – one of the judges even joins Vadim onstage as perhaps the worst hype man of all time.

According to our minimal research – which involved checking Wikipedia – Romania’s Got Talent receives millions of viewers each week, so for someone to come on TV and rep Suicide Silence in this way is pretty rad. Bravo to you, Vadim. You rule.