Vote for the best album of 2018 (so far)

There can really be no argument – 2018 has already been a brilliant year for new music. In the last six months, each corner of the rock world has delivered its fair share of future classics, including everything from mischievous country rock to experimental noise metal from faces old and new. Here, we compile the 100 albums which have scored highest in the review pages of Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog magazines so far this year – and throw in a few we just really like and felt deserved to be included. 

But from a longlist of 100, how will we find our winners? Well, that's where you guys come in – we're putting the decision in your hands. Which of these albums has left its indelible mark on you since 2018 rolled around and made the last six months a better place? Let us know by voting in the poll below. If you're unsure and want to refresh your memory, we've made you a handy playlist of each of the artists included. Apart from Gazpacho, whose album wasn't on Spotify.

Are you ready? Three, two, one... Vote!


Briony Edwards

Briony is the Editor in Chief of Louder and is in charge of sorting out who and what you see covered on the site. She started working with Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog magazines back in 2015 and has been writing about music and entertainment in many guises since 2009. She is a big fan of cats, Husker Du and pizza.